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About Us

Hello friends my name is Leon Williams, and I’m the inventor of the LW500 Latch Bar Exercise System. Let me be honest with you, I am not a body builder or a personal trainer however I understand that exercise empowers the body and mind.

So how did I come up with this idea of the latch bar system? I purchased some screw eyes and attached them around a closet door in a uniform fashion. Using this set up I was able to attach straps and conduct sit ups and crunches. I additionally used resistance bands and connected them to screw eyes for working out all parts of the body. After using this method for some time the thought came to mind …how could I convert this stationary wall method into a portable exercise system. My conscience would not let me rest so I began testing and before long the LW500 Latch Bar Exercise System was born.

At first I didn’t know the potential of what I had come up with but I soon realized that I had invented a fully body exercise system. Initially the latch bar was developed to assist me in conducting a sit up. I then saw the opportunities and usage with resistance bands. After searching the internet I realized there wasn’t anything on the market like what I had come up with. I was inspired and I contacted the Invention Home. The rest is history! Resistance bands and straps are excellent to use for working out. Both are often used for rehabilitation for various health related issues. The LW500 Latch Bar Exercise System allows users to safely connect straps w/grips or resistance bands to a latch bar and conduct exercise for strengthening, toning, stretching and rehabilitation. Using the latch bar system will allow you to conduct endless muscle toning exercise working your abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, legs and back. Ages 12 and up are able to use my devices and it’s all portable. I personally used my system for complete rehabilitation of my 2 nd total hip replacement. My Orthopedist was truly impressed.

The LW500 Latch Bar System has versatility. This system could also be wall mounted expanding your exercise capabilities and portable to take anywhere! Each unit will be hand crafted in my workshop located at 33 West Street, Central Nyack, New York. 10960.